Use Your Ears

Sorry State
Album Art: Cliff Obrist
Released: February 9, 2015

Sorry State

Muddle In Your Bones
Album Art: Troy Fisher
Released: October 29, 2011

Founded To Find
When Johnny Lost His Guns
Hot To Kill A Beast
Holy Dirt Road
Suzy Left The Station
These Dark Places
One More Thing
If By Light...
Gecellamo Jacobs (Bonus Track)


 Strange Beings 
Album Art: Kimberly Brandl
Released: March 2, 2010

The Hilltop
Hunters and Fishermen
Be Where

A Question Like
Album Art: Rose Bordett
Released: August 16, 2008

Sail Away
To For
Service With A Smile
Whatcha Doin Tonight?
Crazy Joe
Nothing To Do With A Teenage Girl
Keep It Simple
Pretty Faces Get Punched
Prelude to Self Destruction
The Last Scene

Fiction Stories and Fashion Statements
Album Art: Kaylee Andersen
Released: March 24, 2006

Air Is So Hard To Breathe
Don't Stop
Hail To The Thrifty Shopper
No Regrets
Unconscious Until Further Notice
Dave The Sparrow
Don't Stop (Acoustic)
The Chill Song
Out Of Place